Description of the recipe – Korean Kalbi Ribs:
On a festive day, you will agree, you can let yourself relax a little.
And cook, for example, Korean Kalbi – Grilled Beef Ribs

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Korean Kalbi ribs: composition, calories and nutritional value per 100 g
Proteins 10.94 g
Fat 11.78 g
Carbs 6.79 g
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Step 1:
Korean Kalbi Ribs – Step 1

beef ribs
1.8 kg
Kalbi requires beef ribs with a thick layer of meat.
Of course marble

Step 2:
Korean Kalbi Ribs – Step 2
With a sharp knife, carefully separate the flesh from one side of the bone, then cut the flesh lengthwise. And so several times.
Your task is to get an even long plate of meat, on one side of which is the rib itself.
After that, make shallow diagonal cuts crosswise on both sides

Step 3:
Korean Kalbi Ribs – Step 3

1 PC.

Green onion
1 PC.

3 tooth

2 tbsp. l.

10 st. l.

500 g

Soy sauce
250 g

Sesame oil
6 art. l.
corn syrup
6 art. l.

White dessert wine
18 art. l.
Now Kalbi needs to be marinated.
Mix water, soy sauce, sugar, chopped garlic, onion and green onion. Add sesame oil, corn syrup, apricot wine and sesame

Step 4:
Korean Kalbi Ribs – Step 4
Dip the ribs into the marinade. It should completely cover the meat. Cover and refrigerate for 3-3.5 hours

Step 5:
Korean Kalbi Ribs – Step 5

Chinese cabbage
1 PC.
While the ribs are marinating, make a quick Kimchi. We disassemble the cabbage into leaves, cut them lengthwise and across, wash and dry

Step 6:
Korean Kalbi Ribs – Step 6

4 things.

Green onion
2 bunch.

1 PC.
Take shallots, green onions and garlic.

Step 7:
Korean Kalbi Ribs – Step 7

1 st. l.

Ground red hot pepper
4 tbsp. l.

2 tbsp. l.

50 g
For the sauce, mix water, red hot pepper, sugar and salt.

Step 8:
Korean Kalbi Ribs – Step 8
Pour the sauce into the cabbage, mixing it with onion and garlic

Step 9:
Korean Kalbi Ribs – Step 9
Gently mix with your hands, cover with a film and remove in the cold for 1.5-2 hours

Step 10:
Korean Kalbi Ribs – Step 10
Well, now, having waited for everything to pickle, we proceed to the most important thing. It is best to fry Kalbi on the grill. A frying pan or an oven – not that.
The unsurpassed smoky aroma of meat will spread throughout the kitchen, delighting you with anticipation of the meal.

Step 11:
Korean Kalbi Ribs – Step 11
It remains for us to cut Kalbi into thin strips, and put it in plates on pre-boiled rice

Step 12:
Korean Kalbi Ribs – Step 12
Meet – Korean Kalbi Ribs.
Juicy meat, unleavened rice, spicy Kimchi and tart pickled daikon – give unsurpassed pleasure and joy.
Best served with sake

Step 13:
Korean Kalbi Ribs – Step 13
Well, for those who want to properly consider the whole process – at the top of the recipe is a short video tutorial.